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The dedication of our new chapel on October 23rd gave new evidence of God's direction for our church community. The message by Superintendent Justin-Robert Mabiala Kenzo developed the biblical basis for understanding that our God often manifests Himself in specific places. His presence was clear as we met together with our adherents and other believers, both Evangelical and Catholic.

Our new facility replaces the one destroyed by fire in 2015. We meet Wednesdays and Sundays, The local Alcoholics Anonymous has seven groups and a Spanish fellowship also calls our building their home. Our desire is to be a community church where the community is welcome and one that the community welcomes.

The local daily had a full page article featuring our opening. The reporter clearly conveyed the message of openness and cooperation with mention of our guest, Bishop André Rivest, a long-time ministry friend. December 2nd we hosted a thank you supper for those involved in the construction. We were pleased to entertain but also to clearly explain the alliance distinctives of the four-fold gospel. There were great discussions. On the 15th of the month we joined with the business association and local parishes to host a Christmas celebration. More than 150 people crammed the museum, an old Anglican church, to sing and hear the gospel.