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Dear workers,

The St-Lawrence District wants to propose two options so that your congregation can make online donations.

1. Canada Helps:

All the information is on the website on how to create an account, and make it available to your members.

2. Interac Transfer via your bank

1. Find out if your bank accepts Interac Transfer. Contact them and follow their instructions. Each bank is different, and has a specific process. (Important: E-Transfer is different from Interac Transfer. Interac Transfer is free of charge for the donor and adapted to business purposes).

2. Provide information to your donors regarding the steps to follow in order to make a donation via Interac Transfer (see the attached pdf that provides an example of how to do this. Each bank is different, so it would be good to clarify the process with your local bank.)

Tool : please find also attached in pdf the example of the process followed by one of our churches for Interac online transfers. However, this is not a template to follow. Please, first check with your bank the steps to follow.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our offices:

Warm Regards in Christ,