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Fairview Alliance Church hosted the Kairos course on Monday and Thursday evenings throughout the month of November; people came to deepen their understanding of God’s heart for the nations and our place in reaching the world for Christ, including here at home in Montreal!

  • 20 participants began the course and 19 were able to complete it
  • 6 different denominations were represented; members of 3 different Alliance churches participated
  • Participants ranged in ages from 15 to 77
  • Facilitators came from MCAC, Bethel, Fairview, Oasis and Noyan. These people voluntarily gave of their time to help and were a great blessing

What are people saying about the impact of the course?

"Kairos is a course that will change the way you view the world, how you react to it; learn and experience the love that Christ has for the unreached."

"Kairos is an intensive course with the goal of centering the focus of our lives around God’s mission and exploring how this is evident in the Bible and can be seen throughout history."

"Kairos was definitely an eye-opener! It puts the mission of God in its proper place – the centre of our lives."

If you are interested in more information about these events, or hosting the Kairos course at your church, please contact Lorilee Jespersen at (581) 991-1580 or (514) 685-0578 or check back regularly at for more information.