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Here is a letter from A.D., International Worker, regarding the P people:

Dear Praying Friends,  

How do they get to hear?

This week a bunch of guys called me over to come and sit down with them. P have this amazing way of enjoying and appreciating people. When you sit with these tough looking laborer dudes, they can look at you like you're an old friend they've been waiting for years to catch up with. And they're often very eager to make conversation and ask a million questions.

As the conversation flowed along, one guy decided he would like to try to convert me. And in a very bold and sincere fashion, he started explaining how I should be concerned for my eternal future, and how I need to accept the final, true religion.

I explained as best as I could how I knew that I was on the right path, how Jesus sacrificed himself and died for our sins, and how I needed to hold on to that.

But the guy who was trying to convert me didn't seem to be listening. He was asking questions for the purpose of his sales pitch, but not really letting me fully answer with my thoughts.

But among the 10 or so guys that were there, there was one guy sitting right across from me who really seemed to be listending. He was looking really intently at me and trying to soak up every thing I got to say.

After a number of interruptions, he burst out, almost yelling at the guy trying to convert me. "Let him talk!" He protested, "Let him say his part!" He seemed emotional, probably because he wanted me to be treated well as a guest, but I think also because he was very, very curious to hear what I had to say, and this was his only chance.

When someone came by and a bunch of them got distracted, he looked at me again said, "Go on, what were you going to say? What else?"  

This story illustrates the situation of unreached people.  

Some people get to grow up in Christian homes, and spend their whole lives in churches surrounded by 100s of believers.

Some people know a few Christians in their workplace, and have a Christian neighbor.

Some people get to meet 5-10 Christians every week at the refugee program they attend.

But some people have never met a believer, and in the extremely rare chance that they do get to talk to one, they have to fight for a chance to hear 2 minutes of the good news.  

That last type of person is what we call unreached, and the enemy works hard to keep these people in darkness.

Please remember these millions of unreached (including 50 million P) far away. And please pray for me and my friends as we try to get the word to them.