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Beloved in the Lord,

In the name of the St-Lawrence District of the CMA&A in Canada, let me welcome you, from near and far, in the peace of Emmanual, God with us, here in our new Ministry Center, 3190 Delaunay Street, in Laval.

To President David Hearn, we respectful offer our greetings and sincere gratitude for his availability to preside at the dedication ceremony of this center. It is also with thanksgiving that we greet all of you presence, knowing that you have given up other things you could be doing to be among us on this cold winter day, in the middle of the week and during working hours. May the Lord reward you a hundredfold for this friendly gesture.

The history of the acquisition of this building goes back much further in time. And I now have the opportunity to reference the vision of my predecessors, Reverends Jesse Jespersen, Yvan Fournier, Francis Pearson and Michael Gagnon, who all, in a way or the other, contemplated the acquisition of a Ministry Center to see the work of God grow in the Saint-Lawrence District. Without their vision and prayers, we would not be here.

The acquisition process of this building was a long and sometimes painful road. However, from the start, when the offer was made to us in an unexpected way, we were convinced that the Lord was giving us this location for His glory. As we faced growing obstacles our conviction grew even stronger. Indeed, in front of every closing doors, God opened a bigger one. And our presence in this location today is nothing less than a miracle from the Lord. Soli Deo Gloria. To God alone be the glory!

We have a proverb back home that says: ‘’One finger cannot wash the face’’. That was the case with the experience we went through. Without the support and assistance of our partners, the St-Lawrence District on its own could have never acquired this building in which we are today. Our gratitude certainly goes first to the Lord, but also to our partners who supported us.

First, we would like to mention the National Ministry Center, under the direction of President David Hearn. During this process, we were blessed by his spiritual, moral and material support. Along with him, we also wish to thank the Board of Directions of the Christian and Missionary Alliance in Canada who, on two occasions, had to make decisions on the acquisition in an emergency mode. We also profited from the support of partner churches, including First Alliance Church in Calgary, for which we are thankful. With such a support, we can only be proud to belong to a denomination which has the work of God in Québec at heart. Praise the Lord!

I could not conclude this chapter of thanksgiving without mentioning the leadership team at The 180 church. No only did your presence in this building open the door to its purchase, but you also served as one of the reasons or justifications for its acquisition. Our primary desire was never to have a more spacious office, but to enlarge the space of our tent for ministry. We cannot wait to see the day when the entire building will be used exclusively for ministry. We also thank you for agreeing to serve as incubator for New Ventures. We thank you as well for your generous contribution in the financing, which was necessary for this building acquisition. We believe that our presence in the same location will open the doors to a more intentional and profound partnership for the promotion of the work of God in the greater Montreal region.

Brothers and sisters, beloved in Christ Jesus, without keeping you any longer, I want to invite you to join me in the celebration of God’s faithfulness, which has accomplished great things for us, and to dream with me of a glorious future for the work of God in the great Province of Québec. Thank you. To God be the glory.