Troy Wiesner

As many of you know, we have been discerning the possible purchase of a building in Laval to serve as a new Ministries Center (including incubator for New Ventures, site for Envision Canada, offices, etc) for the SLD.

Here is a brief history of how this came to be:

  • Those in the District office came to the conclusion that our space was not large enough to accommodate the District team. As nothing was available in our present location, we began the process of finding a new space.
  • In Spring of this year, the building where the 180 Church has been renting (3190 Delauney, Laval), received special zoning from the City of Laval to be able to be used for religious purposes. This move by the city is seen as nothing short of miraculous.
  • At around the same time, the owner of the building made arrangements to put the building up for sale.
  • The 180 Church and the owner of the building approached the District to see if there was any interest in purchasing the building for the District.
  • After a time of discernment consisting of prayerful consideration and reflexion, the DEXCOM, President David Hearn, Vice President of Financial Operations for the C&MA the in Canada, Ken Pelissero, as well as, the other District Superintendents sensed that God was opening the door for us to move forward in this direction.

We ask for your prayers as we take a step of faith--for discernment, for administrative steps, for funding, and for other needs connected to this project.


Rev. Troy Wiesner
Directeur adjoint // Assistant Director