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Momentum is a monthly update about what's been happening around the world. It is also available in both French and English. Check it out here and learn more about our church family. Here is an excerpt from the October edition.


By: David Hearn, President of the C&MA in Canada

One of my favourite pastimes is sitting with my grandchildren and playing Where’s Waldo? Our best moments are when we discover Waldo and yell out together, “There he is!”

What is delightful in a children’s book can be painful when it comes to our spiritual journey.

I have found myself asking, “Where is Jesus?” in difficult times. Experiences of deep pain and disappointment can become places where we can get emotionally stuck; we can begin to close off and even shut down spiritually because we do not see Jesus in our most desperate moments.

When our family was transitioning from the West Coast to Ontario, my youngest daughter was in a difficult place... [Continue reading on the national website.]