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[en français]

You would like to influence the world for God, but are not sure you can? Then read this book!

In The God You May Not Know, edited by Ronald Brown and Charles Cook, you will discover how the Lord uses ordinary people to take the Good News of Jesus Christ to the nations.

The book, now available in French, presents an overview of the work of the Christian & Missionary Alliance in Canada in two parts:

A. Extraordinary places: riveting stories of the first international workers sent out of Nyack, New York, to various countries worldwide;

B. Extraordinary lives: autobiographies of Canadian international workers, most of whom are still living among us in Canada. You may even know some of them, or they may have visited your church.

The French version of this book is now available at the district office for $15.00. Please email or call (514) 313-2030 to order.

The original English version of this book is available for order online.