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In a youth culture which is swiftly disaffiliating itself from the traditional church, Troy Wiesner, Director of Youth Ministries for the St-Lawrence District, sees hope in helping Quebec’s young emerging leaders to experience the fullness of Christ, and to be filled with, and walk in, the power of the Holy Spirit—all of which play a vital role in connecting other’s to the Father’s love and in making disciples of Christ.

He understands the Holy Spirit to be an especially important part in sharing the Father’s love to those in Quebec—especially millennials and postmillennials.

In January of this year, Troy held a retreat for young emerging leaders in Quebec, where participants were led through a “Freedom Weekend,” a time where they could evaluate their spiritual lives and identify any areas of struggle or bondage that were preventing them from “experiencing all that God desires for them.” These leaders were taken through a rhythm of teaching, evaluation, confession, renouncing, and into freedom. Through this process, God brought freedom and inner healing to many, and equipped them to not only live differently themselves, but also to help those they minister to also find this freedom.

Troy’s vision of "spiritual maturity" for emerging leaders includes understanding and stepping into what it means to be a true follower of Christ, the authority that is available to them in Christ, the inheritance that God has reserved for them as children of God, learning to hear God’s voice, and much more. “In light of a culture that disregards the church, I believe that one of the most important things that these young leaders need to understand is a what it means to be filled and guided by the Holy Spirit—particularly in the areas of hearing His “voice,” and taking risks by stepping out in faith to allow the Holy Spirit to show the Father’s love to others—for example, praying for someone’s physical healing.”

Troy sees a greater openness right now by Quebecers—particularly millennials and postmillennials—to engage in spiritual discussion and experiences than he has in the last (nearly) 20 years he has been Quebec.

He says, “The church often lacks a tangible demonstration of the power of God that it talks about—the power to transform lives and to do miracles. People are searching for the truth and are more open to responding to the gospel when it is backed up by something experiential that touches their lives in some way.” He insists, “The church needs a generation of emerging leaders that are walking in the Spirit in such a profound way that they radiate God’s love and take advantage of every opportunity to demonstrate this love to others.”



Troy encourages our churches to pray for and encourage our young leaders, to walk with and nurture the work that God is doing in them, and to allow them the freedom to explore new ways to engage with their target group in order to find ways to impact those within and outside of the four walls of the church. The church needs to release and mobilize this young generation of emerging leaders to accomplish the mission that God gave the church—namely to be witnesses in this world for Christ, and to make true disciples of Christ.


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