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The Church Renewal conference took place as every year in January in Steinbach.

We were very happy to see that many members of the CMA of Quebec were present. Here are the testimonies of three members of the CMA church in Lévis :

"Steinbach had a great impact on me. He renewed my faith. I didn't just see Christians at work in a large building with many, many members, but disciples of Jesus Christ who love him and are in action. It has aroused in me a deeper love for my Savior and Lord. God acted in my life over the weekend by showing me some things buried in my past that needed to be brought to light through confession. It was a time apart where you feel the love of God, and you stand beside brothers and sisters who have given everything to help free the captives and thus advance the kingdom of God. This weekend is a special and personal encounter with our Lord. It is a gift that we give ourselves by attending and participating fully. Not to be missed! "(Maryse Frippiat)

"God has overthrown the fortresses and brought down every thought that rose up against him in the council of elders and led us into mutual confession to break down all that separated us. In the same way in our couples we were able to experience his liberating power also in all the unspoken, and the selfishness that characterizes the human race and separates us from the union that God wants for us. At the personal, marital and community levels, Christ is becoming Lord again. God be praised for his superabundant grace, his mercy of which we are the object. Let us exalt and celebrate his glorious name!"

(Martin Laflamme)


I heard about the church renewal conference through a meeting I was unable to attend in Quebec City last year. Serge sent me a teaching from Pastor Ray and there I realized that God had just answered my prayer of the last few years.

Not another program, but a deeper search for God's will through our confessions and listening prayer. When I later found that all the elders and our wives were all ready to commit, it only confirmed that God had truly prepared this moment for us.

God spoke, we had to listen. Their confessions began for me, my brothers and sisters. When I returned, I asked the elders for a meeting to allow God to continue this work of confession to each other, and they all agreed. In a single meeting where we decided to let the Lord probe us to reveal to us what needed to be said, confess, repent, forgive, he restored and set us free far beyond what I had hoped for in my prayers for so many years.

If you wish to go to Steinbach to gain knowledge, you will not find it; if you wish to go there to hear God speak to you, he will speak to you. If you listen to him, you will hear him, you will confess, you will be set free, and he will lead you where he wants to lead you." (Michel Héroux)