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The Oxygen Retreat is an annual conference that brings together young leaders and young adults from Quebec for a privileged time with God.

Myriam Lapierre, one of the leaders of the Oasis youth group has agreed to give me her testimony about the retreat.

This year's retreat focused on fellowship, of course, but also on the spiritual and ministerial journey of the participants.

Myriam Lapierre (her feedback from the preaching on leadership): "Samuel explained that this is not what should define us, that a leader is often someone who takes charge of others. He explained that we should first and foremost define ourselves as disciples. We are everyday people, people who are not extraordinary, but people who have made an incredible decision: to follow Jesus. I have learned that I must remember that I am here on Earth first and foremost to follow Jesus and serve Him with what He has given me, that is, my spiritual gifts, my abilities, my love, my personality and my experiences. Even though I am imperfect, God created me as I am for a specific reason and He wants to use me."

This conference is a great opportunity for young leaders like Miriam to meet other leaders facing the same challenges and questions. Quebec is working on its succession and we are happy to see that God continues His work through each generation.