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I see the Lord working with Covid-19 in raising interest in prayer and fellowship "online". We use Zoom technology for our meetings.

Our prayer meetings - weekly on Wednesday evenings and monthly on Friday evenings (with fasting) have seen a remarkable increase in attendance. For example, on Wednesday evening we average 16 (previously 8), and the difference is noticeable especially for our monthly prayer and fasting evening with an average going from 4 to 20!

In addition to the number of participants, the quality of the discussions and the appreciation of the possibility of meeting online is regularly mentioned by the participants. There are even advantages to meeting online compared to our "in person" meetings. Here are a few testimonials that I collected last Wednesday evening:

L. appreciates the fact that he doesn't have to use his car for a 40 minute drive to and from the prayer meeting;

N. says that seeing people face to face on his screen helps him to stay focused during prayer and Scripture sharing;

S. says these meetings are great. He feels a real connection between us. He certainly misses the human touch...

A. adds that he feels blessed in these meetings and he is so appreciative that our Church offers such a service.

Finally, N. says that it is "like going to church," because he feels the human warmth of the brothers and sisters who pray for one another.