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Because the world is forever changing, it is increasingly important to have men and women prepared to be effective witnesses for Jesus Christ in a complex and diverse world. This is the mandate of ETEQ—the Alliance Theological training school located in Montreal.

Do you want to improve your French and become truly bilingual? Do you want to be an active participant in the wider Evangelical community? Are you called to be a catalyst in developing the church and transforming your society? Then ETEQ (École de théologie évangélique du Québec) is your school.

Serving the larger Evangelical community—as can be seen by the makeup of our faculty and our students—ETEQ (formally L'École de théologie évangélique de Montréal and l'Institut Biblique VIE) is the product of a partnership of two church families. Today one school that serves both the Christian and Missionary Alliance and the Mennonite Brethren. ETEQ offers exceptional theological training that is contextualized for the changing landscape of Québec and the larger francophone world. Since September 2018, ETEQ offers for the first time ever courses in English. For more information you can contact either Jean (John) Martin (President and Academic Dean) or Veronique Beaudin (Admissions officer).