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Language: French

We want to be a community of Christians from different nations who fear God, who pursue daily sanctification in all of life, and who work in teams to make disciples of our Lord Jesus Christ. We want to encourage church maturation and know that the multiplication of new local churches will be possible through the power of the Holy Spirit, so that God's glory is revealed in the midst of his and people in the world, until the return of our Lord Jesus Christ.

We profess our faith in Jesus Christ every week by meeting to sing, celebrate, exchange, share, and teach the Word of God - the Bible. We seek to involve ourselves in our most immediate world to act and help where we are able to do so. We join our community and in the works that share the values of life, compassion and support to show God's love in action.

We organize meetings in small groups called "Groupes Impact" (GI) to promote sharing, fellowship, and spiritual accompaniment for a broader influence in the community.

You can learn more about Église évangélique du berger on their website (French only).

2620, rue Darveau

Quebec City, QC

G1P 3V5

phone 418 845-0682
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Church Leadership

Mathurin Boignan

Gaétan Desjardins
Samuel Chérubin
Pierre-Alain Lefrançois
Tony Pelletier

Deacons and Deaconesses
Jacques Audette
Lormilia Petit-Frère
Andrée Legault

Women's Ministry
Esther Savard

Meeting Times

Sunday Worship Service - 9:45am