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There are several important reports that Alliance churches in Quebec must complete on an annual basis.

CMA Local Church Annual Report

In order to obtain an overall picture of the health of C&MA churches across Canada, each church is requested to complete a local church annual report and to send it to the C&MA Head Office no later than February 15.

Local Church Annual Financial Report - RF50e

The C&MA in Quebec must produce a consolidated financial report which includes the financial statements of all its churches. In order that this consolidated financial report be complete, churches must submit to the district the Local Church Annual Financial Report - RF50e, which is a uniform financial report. The RF50e Report must be sent in to the St. Lawrence District Office, via email, no later than March 1.

Federal report

Every year, churches registered as charity organizations are required to send to the Canada Revenue Agency the Registered Charity Information Return (T3010). The deadline for these reports is June 30. Failure to do so will result in the revoking of the church's status as a registered charity and the right to issue charity tax receipts to its members.  

Provincial report

The same applies to the provincial government. Churches registered as charity organizations are required to complete the TP 985.22 Report and sent it to Revenu Québec no later than June 30.